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The Scout Uniform

Scouts in uniform are conscious of their rank and make a greater effort to advance. Only the uniform provides a place for display of badges - important symbols of achievement.  Scouts have more fun, stay longer, feel greater pride in advancement.

How the uniform can help a boy:
The Scout uniform is not intended to take away boys' individual identities or to hide the differences between them.  Instead, it helps to remind each Scout of what he has in common with other Scouts.  When a Scout sees another person in a Scout uniform he knows that the other person has also committed himself to the principles of the Scout Oath and Law. The Scout Oath and Law bind all Scouts of the world together in a common purpose.

By wearing the uniform, Scouts give each other strength and support.

Aside from accenting the common bond between Scouts, by wearing the uniform Scouts are declaring their faith and commitment to some important beliefs that bind them to all people.  It is a way of making visible their belief in God, their loyalty to our country and their commitment to helping other people who need them.

How the uniform can help the troop:

1. When smartly worn, the uniform can help build good troop spirit.
2. By investing in a uniform, a Scout and his parents are making a commitment to take Scouting seriously.
3. The uniform makes the troop visible as a force for good in the community.
4. When properly worn on the correct occasions, the uniform can help attract new members to the troop.
5. Scouts in uniform create a strong, positive, youth image in the neighborhood, helping to counteract the negative feeling some adults have about youth.

Troop uniform:
The following is the official uniform of Troop 208:

Official BSA Items Provided by the Scout:

Hat (ball cap style, Troop 208 hat preferred)
Shirt (tan with forest green shoulder loops)
Cradle of Liberty "council strip"
World Crest emblem
Belt (green web belt)
Pants/Shorts (green)

Items Provided by Troop 208:

Troop Numerals
Rank badges
Badges of office
Merit badges

Official placement of insignia may be found on the inside front and back covers of the Scout Handbook and here.  Insignia placement for adult leaders' uniforms may be found here.
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Once you have your uniform, you are expected to wear it to troop meetings.  We also have Troop 208 T-shirts and sweatshirts (sometimes called an "Activity" or "Class B" uniform) that can be worn on outings or events where a regular uniform might become damaged or dirty.  Class B uniforms are sometimes also worn to troop meetings. A uniform is not needed for most weekend camping trips, but it is required for summer camp.  New Scouts may need a few weeks before a buying a uniform.  Scouts usually outgrow uniforms long before they wear out, so passing them on to other Scouts who can use them is encouraged.  Used uniform shirts and pants can sometimes be found at the Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop.   New uniforms are available at the Scout Shop in the Firestone Scout Service Center at 1485 Valley Forge Road in Wayne, PA or at the Scout Shop in the Bucks County Council Service Center at 1 Scout Way in Doylestown, PA.  New uniforms are also available over the internet at Scout Stuff.