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Privacy, Etc.

Boy Scout Troop 208 does not use this website to collect any personally identifiable information from or regarding children under the age of 13 years.  No information will be saved or transmitted about any child unless the child is over the age of 13.

Boy Scout Troop 208 will not sell or pass on any personally identifiable information obtained through this website, including email addresses, to any third parties.   We will not share any personal information about our website visitors to anyone.  We have a very simple privacy policy. "WE DON'T SHARE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR WEBSITE VISITORS WITH ANYONE.  Unless we receive a court order to do so, your information is released to nobody."

We do not use cookies or other tracking technology on this website.  However, we do have links to other websites, and those websites may do so.  Advertisements, including pop-up ads, may appear through some of the links to other websites that you will find throughout our website.  Those advertisements are not ours.

Any changes to this policy will be posted here and notice will be given to the Cradle of Liberty Council.

The graphics used throughout this site are used with permission from the United Scouting Service Project Web site and are for the use of Scouting units only and are free of charge. The Adobe link is a copyright of Adobe Corp. and is used with permission for the use of downloading the Acrobat PDF reader.

Scouting units may copy any non-graphics portions of this website (including HTML source code) for use on their own unit websites.  If you wish to use any of the graphics on this website, please refer to the United Scouting Service Project and to links on its website.

(Last Updated: March 1, 2006)