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What is Boy Scouting?  First, take a look at this  video (requires Adobe Flash Player).  Then come back and read this page.  When you are ready for more detail, click here and here.

Scouting is a lot more than the old clichés you may have heard about tying knots, helping old ladies cross the street and starting fires by rubbing two sticks together.  Scouting is about FUN, ADVENTURE and MAKING NEW FRIENDS!  And while you're having fun, you'll get to learn some skills that will help you to have even more fun and prepare you for even bigger adventures! 

Camping Hiking Orienteering Backpacking

Some of Troop 208's recent activities include whitewater rafting trips, camping trips, day hiking, indoor rock climbing and snow tubing.  We also attended a week-long Boy Scout camp in the Poconos, where our Scouts tried their hand at archery, rifle shooting, swimming, boating & canoeing, fishing, handicrafts, Scoutcraft, sports, and lots of other activities. 

Troop 208 is also involved in the community.  Our Scouts have helped build a community playground, assisted at the annual June Fete Village Fair, maintained the nature trail at Lower Moreland's Pine Road Elementary School, made the nature trail wheelchair-accessible, taught computer skills to senior citizens, and performed other service projects. 

Want to learn more?  Keep Reading!

Boy Scouting is for boys who are 11 to 17 years old.  Boys under age 11 may join if they have earned the Arrow of Light award or completed 5th grade. You can find out more about the Boy Scout program by exploring this website and by checking out the official Boy Scouts of America website. 

One of the best things about Scouting is that the troop is run by the Scouts, not the adults.  A troop is made up of several groups of Scouts, called "patrols."   Each patrol is led by a patrol leader elected by the patrol members.  The troop also elects a Scout to be the senior patrol leader.  The patrol leaders and senior patrol leader work together as a Patrol Leaders' Council to plan and run troop meetings and troop activities, with lots of input from patrol members.  The troop also has adult leaders, but their job is to coach, advise, deal with "adult" issues like driving and funding, and make sure troop activities are safe and follow BSA guidelines.  

When you join Troop 208, you will fit in right away.  You will start out in a New Scout Patrol with boys around your age.  You and the other boys in your patrol will work with each other, with older Scouts, and with adult leaders to learn basic scouting skills.  While some of those skills are harder to master than others, you will usually have so much fun with them that you won't realize you are learning something.  As you build new skills, you will have even more fun using them on camping trips and other troop outings.  And as you master those skills, you may find yourself helping other new Scouts to learn them. 

Want to find out more?  You are always welcome to visit any of our troop meetings at Gloria Dei Church, Welsh Road and Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley.  We meet most Mondays at 7:00 p.m. (check our calendar for meeting dates). Most meetings are in the Christian Fellowship Hall.  If you don't see us there, look in the basement under the office entrance, or the Zabor Room (2nd floor).   You can also check out the rest of this website.  Finally, feel free to e-mail your questions to the .